The Finer Points of Spray Paint Adhesion

Proper paint adhesion is a challenge for many individuals in the aerospace industry.

Today, manufacturers have a variety of paint options designed for specific applications, but improper adhesion will diminish the benefits of the chosen paint.

The Finer Points of Spray Paint AdhesionWhen paint is properly adhered, it can help improve the protective and aesthetic qualities of the substrate. To help you get the best paint results possible, the experts at Prime Products would like to offer you our Guide to Maximizing Spray Paint Adhesion.

With this guide, we cover the spray painting process from start to finish and provide you with helpful tips along the way.

Learn to Avoid Common Problems

There are several factors that lead to proper paint adhesion. Many people make the mistake of not considering the substrate prior to painting; substrates like metals, plastics, and composite materials have different properties, and it’s important to know how well your substrate bonds with various paints.

You have many types of paint to choose from, but you’ll need to use one that’s suited to your needs. Think about the application environment of your finished product—is it internal or external? Some paints are made to handle extreme climates.

Is your product rigid or flexible? The paint you choose will need to conform to the product to avoid fracturing or chipping.

Proper Preparation is Key

Cleaning is vitally important to ensure paint adhesion. Before applying paint, your substrate needs to be free of unclean substances, such as dirt, rust, oil, and solvents. Additionally, you will need to use a cleaning system that is appropriate for your substrate; we provide information on ultrasonic and immersion cleaning, degreasing, and other useful cleaning techniques.

You can utilize sandblasting or liquid honing to further prepare your substrate’s surface; these two methods increase the roughness of the surface, resulting in better paint adhesion and reducing the need for deburring.

We also discuss pre-finishing methods chem film and anodizing—two popular choices for metal substrates—which coats surfaces and gives them additional beneficial properties.

Download this Guide Today

If you want to learn how to achieve better paint results, please download our free Guide to Maximizing Spray Paint Adhesion today. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to vastly improve your finishes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the various services we offer.

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