Nadcap Spray Painted Aluminum Housing with Filled Engrave for Defense Industry

A customer in the Defense and Aerospace Industries needed a high-quality Nadcap certified spray-painting supplier to paint and fill the engraving on a housing that is used on rugged vehicles for the military.

This item is an example of an extremely low-volume part, 15-25 per year, yet it requires stringent quality control due to the customer’s exacting quality requirements and the difficulty of the paint system specified by the drawing. We apply our Nadcap certified spray-painting capabilities to achieve their demanding level of cosmetic appearance.  Finally, our highly trained staff use a precision technique to hand fill the engrave markings with black ink. Throughout the manufacturing process, we subject the housing to stringent quality control measures at every step of the process.

For more information on the complex fabrication processes and materials used on this product, see the table below or contact us directly.

Nadcap Spray Painting & Engrave Filling Project Highlights

Product Name

Housing, Front

Product Description

Housing for use in rugged military equipment

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Nadcap Spray-Painting

Engrave Fill


Batch Oven

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Spray Paint Guns and Fume Exhaust Booth

Batch Oven

Overall Part Dimensions

7.5″ Long x 4″ Wide x 4″ Deep

Materials Used

Sherwin-Williams MIL-DTL-53022 TY II Primer

Sherwin-Williams V93V227 Catalyst

Sherwin-Williams MIL-PRF-22750G TY II Epoxy #17925

Randolph X6848 Bake Enamel Flat Black

Material Finish

White Gloss #17925 per AMS-STD-595A

Black Matte Lettering

In Process Testing/Inspections Performed

Paint thickness test compliant with ASTM D7091 with guidance from Boeing BSS7413 and Parker P2236

Paint adhesion test compliant with various customer specifications with guidance from ASTM D3359

Workmanship per customer specification

Industry for Use



15-25 per year

Delivery/Turnover Time

3 weeks

Delivery Location

Longmont, Colorado

Standards Met

PDF Drawing Specifications

Material Specifications

Customer Workmanship Standard Specification

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