Spray Painted & Laser Etched Silicone Rubber Light Guide for the Aerospace Industry

One of our Aerospace customers designed a molded silicone button light guide that is painted black over white with laser etched graphics.  We subcontract the clear silicone molded part and handle the painting and laser etching in-house.

Because of the silicone substrate, we use a special silicone ink for optimal adhesion.  We apply the white ink to meet a particular light transmission level which we measure using a custom light fixture and a photometer. Next, we apply the black ink over the white ink and then laser etch the parts using our Ytterbium Fiber Laser. This process is used to remove the black ink only, exposing the white graphics.  Our highly trained staff then scrutinize the parts for imperfections and touch them up. Finally, we plasma treat the parts to promote coating adhesion, and apply the final clear matte top coat of silicone to improve durability and appearance of the finished part.

For more information on the complex fabrication processes and materials used on this product, see the table below or contact us directly.

Spray Painting & Laser Etching Project Highlights

Product Name

Button Light Guide

Product Description

Light guide used for an avionics display panel.

Capabilities Applied/Processes



Fiber Laser Etching


Batch Oven

Plasma Treat

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Spray Paint Guns and Fume Exhaust Booth

Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Batch Oven

Plasma Jet

Overall Part Dimensions

2.7″ Long x .78″ Wide x .29″ Deep

Materials Used

Silicone Elastomer Molded Light Guide Blank

Inkcups Now Silicone Ink 160 White

Inkcups Now Silicone Ink 165 Black

Inkcups Now Silicone Ink 70CL Clear

Trans-Tech Fuller 33 Matte Agent

Material Finish

Matte Black

White Graphics

In process testing/inspections performed

Light Transmission using Photometer

Workmanship Standard

Industry for Use



200-250 per year

Delivery/Turnaround Time

10 weeks

Delivery Location

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Standards Met

PDF Drawing Specifications

Customer Light Transmission Specification

Internal Workmanship Standard Specification

Military Parts Marking Standard Specification

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