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Prime Products’ Paint Application Specifications

In the aviation and aerospace industries, one of the biggest issues faced by professionals is improper paint application.

When applied correctly and proficiently, paints can enhance several notable characteristics of a product, including its surface integrity, resistance to chemicals, and aesthetic value.

Prime Products’ Paint Application SpecificationsTo ensure ideal paint application for their products, many prime aerospace companies such as Honeywell, Boeing, and Rockwell Collins choose spray paint suppliers that are Nadcap accredited.

This is not a personal preference, but an industry requirement. Only Nadcap certified spray paint suppliers comply with the industry’s most stringent standards. Prime Products is one such paint supplier; we have recently attained Nadcap accreditation.

Nadcap is integral for establishing the highest levels of quality assurance throughout special aviation and aerospace processes, including spray painting. At Prime Products, one of our team’s core competencies is spray painting, so the Nadcap approach helped refine those skills.

Prime was accredited for Nadcap’s AC7108/1 Revision B standard, which pertains to painting and dry film coatings. With this accreditation, we are capable of applying a wide range of paints in accordance with several military specifications, including:

  • MIL-DTL-53039
  • MIL-PRF-22750
  • MIL-PRF-23377
  • MIL–PRF–85285 (supersedes MIL–C–85285)
  • DOD–P–15328
  • And More

To learn more about other notable specifications, please obtain a copy of our latest resource titled Mil-Specs and Paint Application Specs Met by Prime Products. This free-to-download guide details all the paint specifications we can now meet thanks to our Nadcap certification. The guide consists of two separate tables for the individual specs, which lists both definitions and the specifying company.

Obtain your copy of this resource today, and be sure to contact us for information regarding our various spray painting services.

Learn about our Paint Application Specs

The Finer Points of Spray Paint Adhesion

Proper paint adhesion is a challenge for many individuals in the aerospace industry.

Today, manufacturers have a variety of paint options designed for specific applications, but improper adhesion will diminish the benefits of the chosen paint.

The Finer Points of Spray Paint AdhesionWhen paint is properly adhered, it can help improve the protective and aesthetic qualities of the substrate. To help you get the best paint results possible, the experts at Prime Products would like to offer you our Guide to Maximizing Spray Paint Adhesion.

With this guide, we cover the spray painting process from start to finish and provide you with helpful tips along the way.

Learn to Avoid Common Problems

There are several factors that lead to proper paint adhesion. Many people make the mistake of not considering the substrate prior to painting; substrates like metals, plastics, and composite materials have different properties, and it’s important to know how well your substrate bonds with various paints.

You have many types of paint to choose from, but you’ll need to use one that’s suited to your needs. Think about the application environment of your finished product—is it internal or external? Some paints are made to handle extreme climates.

Is your product rigid or flexible? The paint you choose will need to conform to the product to avoid fracturing or chipping.

Proper Preparation is Key

Cleaning is vitally important to ensure paint adhesion. Before applying paint, your substrate needs to be free of unclean substances, such as dirt, rust, oil, and solvents. Additionally, you will need to use a cleaning system that is appropriate for your substrate; we provide information on ultrasonic and immersion cleaning, degreasing, and other useful cleaning techniques.

You can utilize sandblasting or liquid honing to further prepare your substrate’s surface; these two methods increase the roughness of the surface, resulting in better paint adhesion and reducing the need for deburring.

We also discuss pre-finishing methods chem film and anodizing—two popular choices for metal substrates—which coats surfaces and gives them additional beneficial properties.

Download this Guide Today

If you want to learn how to achieve better paint results, please download our free Guide to Maximizing Spray Paint Adhesion today. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to vastly improve your finishes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the various services we offer.

A Unique Custom Spray Paint Project by Prime Products

Prime Products takes great pride in our ability to meet the needs of even the most extravagant paint jobs. Below we highlight a recent example.

Electronics Industry Client Spray Paint Project

An important client from the electronics industry approached Prime Products to create paint effects on a molded plastic computer tablet holder that was made specifically for hotel applications.
Electronics Industry Client Spray Paint ProjectThis project presented some unique challenges, including the need for an aluminum RF shield to prevent damage to magnetic hotel keys and credit cards. In addition, the customer required two versions of the product. For their standard product line, they requested a black “soft feel” finish to match the look-and-feel of a payment unit that would be inserted into the holder. The other version had a design to impress their high-end clients, in particular those on the Las Vegas Strip. For these products, they wanted metallic colors with a sparkle effect and a high gloss top coat.

Here is a step-by-step look at how this unique project was completed.

Pre-coating Preparation

In this particular case, we only needed to do some hand and orbital sanding to hide any imperfections and then the parts were washed in soap and water. Following the wash, they were oven dried to ensure that they were ready for the paint application.

Project Painting

We added the “soft feel” paint over the black epoxy. We experimented with several types and settled on a product from The Alsa Corporation. All of the products were too matte to match our customer’s mating unit, however, so we mixed the “soft feel” paint with a clear gloss polyurethane that we use frequently for aerospace applications (MIL-PRF-85285). The ratios were tweaked until we came up with the gloss level, look and feel that matched our customer’s mating unit.

For the “effects” version, we applied the base color, then applied the effects coating, which is clear with sparkle particulates, and finally applied the clear high gloss top coat. All three coatings are from PPG’s Vibrance collection.

Together, these two high-quality coatings elevated the sheen of the holder in order to meet the demands of our customer. With the addition of an effects coating from PPG’s Vibrance collection the painting process was complete.

Post Project Paint Work

After both prep, painting, and between each coating; we cured the tablet holder by baking it in a batch oven. The result was an extremely attractive, and unique looking product, that was functional and cost-effective.

If you are searching for the complete custom spray painting services available, then you need to look no further than Prime Products. If you want to learn even more, don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can discuss your next custom spray painting project.