Why Choose a Nadcap Certified Supplier?

Quality is a crucial procurement consideration for companies in the aerospace and aviation industries. This is especially true for special processes such as coating, heat treating, and nondestructive testing.

Over 20 years ago, prime companies conducted audits to assess the technical proficiency of special process suppliers. To support these prime companies, the Performance Review Institute (PRI) began administering the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program — also known as Nadcap.

Nadcap is an industry-managed approach to the standardization of quality assurance in special processes. These standards are crafted by technical experts from prime companies, suppliers, and the U.S. Government.

Nadcap accreditation is indicative that the supplier upholds the highest levels of quality. An approved quality management system (QMS) such as AS9100 must first be in place, and Nadcap certification can only be granted following a stringent PRI audit, approval of corrective actions from the PRI staff engineer, and final approval from the Nadcap Task Group.

Nadcap CertificationNadcap accreditation is becoming more frequently requested by aerospace manufacturers such as Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Airbus, Eaton, Honeywell, and many others. In response to this trend, Prime Products recently earned accreditation for Nadcap’s AC7108/1 Revision B Painting & Dry Film Coatings standard. This will allow us to provide Nadcap-accredited certifications of compliance for the application of numerous mil spec paints, including:

  • DOD–P–15328
  • MIL–DTL–53039
  • MIL–C–53039
  • MIL–DTL–53039
  • MIL–C–22750
  • MIL–PRF–22750
  • MIL–P–23377
  • MIL–C–85285
  • MIL–PRF–23377
  • MIL–C–85285
  • MIL–PRF–85285
  • MIL–P–85582
  • MIL–PRF–85582
  • MIL–F–14072
  • MIL-DTL-14072
  • TT-P-1757

Founded in 1975 and serving more than 30 customers in the aerospace industry, Prime Products prides itself on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Earning this distinguished accreditation demonstrates our uncompromising commitment to quality.

If you have any questions about the Nadcap process or any of our services’ industry standards, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Download Prime’s Mil Specs and
Paint Application Specs Sheet

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