Prime Products Silicone Ink Case Study

Recently a major name in the medical device industry came to Prime Products with a specific problem. The company was having a difficult time getting their logo made from silicon ink to adhere to the silicone handle of a surgical tool.

Selecting Prime Products

The client chose Prime Products to take on this challenge for a number of reasons. These included:

  • Our 35 years of custom paint service experience,
  • Our 23,000 sq. ft. AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities
  • Our team of painting and substrate experts all of whom are able to solve even the most complex custom painting services challenges

Particulars of the Project

For this project, we knew that impurities in the substrate must be the issue. In fact, it turned out that the culprit was a chemical from the amine family. These chemical derivatives of ammonia are often found on the rubber gloves so commonly used in medical facilities.

At this point, the challenge was to find the right method to remove these impurities. We first tried a variety of solvents including NAPHTHA, MEK, and isopropyl alcohol. When these standard treatments were not effective, it was clear that a more technical approach was necessary.

Prime Products Plasma-Jet Surface Treatment

In the end, it was determined that Prime Products’ unique plasma-jet surface treatment would be the most effective in solving this problem. Once the surface was clear of all amines, we quickly applied the silicone logo to avoid any further problems. In the end, our client received prompt and cost-effective service and came away extremely satisfied with the results.

This case study is the perfect example of how Prime Products uses its industry leading combination of technical expertise and high-quality materials to solve even the most difficult paint application challenges.

If you have a challenging industrial or commercial painting project, please contact Prime Products today and let or custom painting experts solve it for you.

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