CNC Machined Illuminated Faceplate Panel & Button Set for the Aerospace Industry

The faceplate panel and button set shown here was designed for use in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft. The panel contains threaded brass inserts for installation into the final assembly, and ring filters which are assembled in the lamp cavities to shift the chromaticity of the LED's. In addition, the face of the panel is toned to ensure uniform brightness (foot-lamberts) for all the graphics.

Fabrication required the use of our precision CNC CO2 laser cutting and milling capabilities, as well a number of our other advanced capabilities. Other manufacturing processes including liquid honing, ultrasonic cleaning of parts, the use of a thermal insert press, as well as fine detail spray painting. Laser etching and batch oven curing were also utilized in the fabrication of the 15 items included in this product's BOM.

The finished component measured 9.490" in length, 5.240" in width and 0.430" thick, and met tolerances of +0.000"/-0.003". Quality was maintained through stringent quality measures which included dimensional, CMM, visual, and gloss level inspections (60° Gloss Meter). Photometer luminance and chromaticity readings, as well as light leak inspection using night vision goggles were also provided. To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact us directly to learn about all of our capabilities.

CNC Machining Project Highlights

Product Name Illuminated Faceplate Panel & Button Set
Product Description This faceplate panel and button set is used in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC CO2 Laser Cutting
CNC Milling
Spray Painting / Toning
CNC Fiber Laser Etching
Liquid Honing
Plotter-Cut Spray Masking
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC CO2 Laser
CNC Mill
Liquid Honing Booth
Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Thermal Insert Press
Plotter / Cutter
Spray Paint Booth with Fine-Detail Spray Gun
Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Batch Oven
Overall Part Dimensions 9.490 Length x 5.240 Width x 0.430 Depth
Tightest Tolerances +0.000 / -0.003
Material Used Acrylic Sheet Clear MIL-PRF-5425 (Heat Resistant)
Swage Nut, Brass, 0-80 x .088"
Insert Threaded Brass 2-56 x .157
Insert Threaded Brass 4-40 x .226
50221B170A420LH Ring Filter less Heat Sink
Heatsink, 302SS, .245" diameter x .003" thick
3M #4475 Scotch-Weld Adhesive
White Epoxy Trans-Tech Type B 2NT
Blue Epoxy Tint Mix
Black Epoxy Enthone 50-series #37038
Black Epoxy Enthone 50-series 50-770R
Red Epoxy Enthone 50-series #31302
Bombardier Gray Polyurethane 7502-Y11R Special
Clear Gloss Polyurethane MIL-PRF-85285 TY I CL H
Clear Semi-Gloss Polyurethane Mix
Material Finish Spray Painted Bombardier Gray, Gloss 2 - 3.5, or Red FED-STD-595 Color #31302, over Translucent White FED-STD-595 Color #37875
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection
CMM Inspection
Visual Inspection
Gloss Level Inspection (60° Gloss Meter)
Photometer Luminance and Chromaticity Readings
Light Leak Inspection with Night Vision Goggles
Final Inspection
Industry for Use Aerospace
Volume 300 per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time 16 Weeks
Delivery Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Standards Met PDF Drawing Specifications
Material Specifications
SAE AS25050 Requirements for Colors, Aeronautical Lights and Lighting Equipment: Chromaticity X=0.440±0.020, Y=0.405±0.020, Luminance 0.5 - 2.0 Foot-Lamberts, using customer-supplied light source.
FED-STD-595 Color Specifications
Gloss Specifications
Certificate of Compliance
AS9102 First Article Inspection Report